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Hunting at NEAHP

At Northeast Alabama Hunting Preserve, we pride ourselves in our nationally awarded hunting dogs. Our dogs are best in breed and trained to guarantee you the hunt of a lifetime. We offer multiple bird hunts beginning in early September with Dove Season and running until March 31st with Quail, Pheasant, and Duck Seasons. Whether this is your first bird hunt or you are a seasoned veteran - we will make sure you have a great and successful hunt!

Quai, Pheasant, & Chukar

Starting in September, we release over 20,000 quail and 5,000 pheasant throughout our properties of over 4,000 acres to provide you with the most authentic, southern wing shooting experience. 

We offer fully customized hunts to meet your specific needs and desires, to surely achieve the hunt you are after. Below are some of our more popular options.

  • Half day hunt- 12 Quail or 4 Pheasant- $225

  • Combination of 10 Quail and 1 Pheasant and 2 Chukar - $260

  • Additional birds available upon request.


* Prices shown are per shooter. All hunts will include a guide and dogs. 


Come join us for a duck hunting adventure unlike any other. We have multiple private duck ponds that are full of birds and expert guides that will be able to call the ducks in right on top of you.

We pride ourselves on investing heavily in to duck conservation and by doing so- we are able to keep thousands of ducks on our property year over year. This is something you truly do not want to miss!!

  • Ultimate Duck Experience - 5 Mallards - $325

  • Additional birds $35 per duck killed over 5


*Price shown is per shooter. 

*Duck hunts require minimum 2 shooters.

Specialty Hunts

We are known for putting on an exceptional experience you will never forget with a specialty hunt. Grab a few of your friends and come try out the best dogs in the southeast for a full day Covey Hunt unlike any other, or bring everyone in for a fast-paced, highly competitive European Tower Shoot to see who is the best shot!


  • European Tower Shoot- $295

    • Perfect for groups of 8 or more​. 10 Pheasant per shooter

Additional Information
  • All hunts run from October 1st thru March 31st

  • All license are included with purchase of the hunt

  • Shells can be purchased at market price

  • Processing fees are per bird, at the rate of $1.00 for quail, $1.00 for chukar, and $2.00 for pheasant

  • 5 Stand Clay shooting can be enjoyed for $13 per round

    • Each round is 25 clays​

  • Fishing is available upon request​

  • If you have any special accommodations required please let us know in advance. We have multiple UTV's that you can use for mobility issues.

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